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Current entries are related to Cliff Kindy's fourth Iraq trip, beginning in October 2007. The blog archives contains letters from Cliff's third Iraq trip in 2004-5.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Return to Iraq


For the past year and a half my CPT work has been focused on a nonviolent
campaign to stop the production of depleted uranium weapons. One year ago
I stepped back from being a full time CPTer so I could continue this
campaign. You can find out about some of our activities at, or with links to the depleted uranium

I am scheduled to leave for Iraq again in about one month with a team of
other CPTers for four months. We will be located in the Kurdish northeast,
a part of Iraq to which I have not been before, though CPT has been there
in the past year.

There is interest in training for a Kurdish Peacemaker team, a need to
monitor a growing and permanent US military presence, difficulties for
Iraqis displaced from the horrors of central and southern Iraq, a conflict
over control of oil-rich Kirkuk, and increasing violence along the Turkish
and Iranian borders. As usual, we go to listen and learn, then to sense
where the Spirit will lead us in new peacemaking efforts.

Because I go as a reservist, I must finance my own way. Air fares are high
- over $2000 to fly to Amman, Jordan, and then into Iraq. CPT offers a
scholarship to reservists who stay over six weeks. But I will still need
to raise about $2000 for my share of four months of CPT work. You may send
support, if you wish, to CPT, PO Box 6508, Chicago, IL 60680. Please help
as you are able.

Some of you may be interested in the depleted uranium campaign. We still
need delegates for the CPT delegation to Jonesborough, Tennessee, set for
October 26 - November 4. Can you join or encourage others to do so?
Information, costs ($300), and application forms are at

A friend asked why I go to Iraq at a time when the situation is
deteriorating even further. I go in expectation, trusting that the Jesus
way of nonviolence always brings more creativity and positive change to
situations of injustice and violence than the tools of war. The
resurrection for me is a sign that life trumps death. Yes, it is a high
risk project, but a project that participates already in the future for
which we pray and yearn! You may follow my writings at

May God's reign of peace come here on earth as in heaven!

Blessings of joy and peace to you!

Cliff Kindy phone: 260-982-2971

P.S. I am available for speaking venues on my return.

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Adventure

Going to Iraq, late October to the Kurdish north.