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Current entries are related to Cliff Kindy's fourth Iraq trip, beginning in October 2007. The blog archives contains letters from Cliff's third Iraq trip in 2004-5.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

#16: Something Positive

Dear Friends. Family, and All Good People,

Lores wrote me asking, "When will you write something positive?" Wow! I have really loaded you down with some pretty depressing stuff these last months. Iraq has been moving through some very devastating times, so my writing is an accurate reflection of the situation, but I want to share some positive hope with this letter.

Since early December, we have been fasting and praying every Tuesday for Iraq. We invited you to join us each week and carry out an action on behalf of Iraq each time. That continues until Easter.

  • is the site where you will find the reflections that stimulate each week. That spiritual thread has been a stream of hope undergirding our work.

    We have been privileged to work with an amazing group of creative, talented human rights workers, women's groups, religious leaders, and concerned folks from every walk of life. That initially was what kept us coming back to Iraq. Now it is the breath of hope that offers a future with promise for Iraq. These are the people who will build the new Iraq. Muslim Peacemaker Teams, the human rights group in Kerbala with which we have worked so consistently, is a bright star in the Iraqi sky.

    Each day members of the CPT Iraq team take turns leading our time of worship. We represent a wealth of Christian experience, from a wide range of backgrounds. That daily period anchors us in God's reality and ties us to God's direction. Bombs rock our building during our prayer time, but it becomes clear that God is bigger than empire, disaster, or insurgency. Nation-states issue siren calls to disobedience, but worship stays our hand.

    Today Peggy led our worship with a focus on beauty. Anne shared the wonder of the wheeling pigeons over our apartment, with two breaking off from the flock and charting their own course. Sheila shared the symbol that reminds her of a beautiful mentor in her life. Peggy caught the pieces of nature that brighten her heart daily. I shared beauty that comes in contrast to what is around it and comes with power to sustain that which is justice and peace.

    Yesterday there were NO long lines of cars waiting to fuel up at the gas stations. This is a first since I arrived last November! Last night there were several periods of electricity throughout the night. There are more electrical towers burning each day and the water level in the Tigris River is rising with the welcome rains.

    I will be returning to the US in a couple weeks. If you are interested in scheduling me to share about Iraq or join your group in actions on behalf of Iraq, please be in contact with me at or call (219)982-2971 after April 10.

    With a spot of hope,

    Cliff Kindy


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