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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Making Things Better

Letter #2: sent on Monday, Nov. 8.

Dear Friends, Family, and All Good People,

I traveled through Amman on my way to Iraq. On my way into Amman I picked
up the November 2 issue of the Guardian with a front-page article, "Things
grow better with Coke." John Vidal writes that farmers in India are using
Coke as a pesticide on cotton and chili fields. An Indian government
committee supported findings that Coke (and Pepsi) had unacceptable levels
of pesticides in the water they used for bottling their drinks. Vidal goes
on to write that Coke has worked well to remove rust spots, clean
lavatories, and reportedly was used as a spermicide in China! I know that
the CPT team in Colombia has urged a boycott of Coke because of its targeted
killing of union organizers, but we need to realize the broad ways in which
Coke makes things better!

Here in Iraq we find a similarly interesting feature. All parties think
that the US military can make things better for them. The US military is
presently engaged in a massive assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah.
Interim Prime Minister Allawi is convinced the US military can eradicate the
terrorists there. The US administration believes they are the best tools
for bringing democracy to the Middle East, starting with Iraq. The US
government has also asked the military to carry a primary role of rebuilding
the Iraqi infrastructure, judging from the many reports of military
personnel painting schools so students can return. In addition, across Iraq
the US military social action components are being used to win the hearts
and minds of local populations. Here in Iraq, the US military is being used
by other actors to "make things better." Unfortunately, that "better"
happens in ways that don't benefit the military personnel themselves, the
country of Iraq, or the United States.

The numbers of addictions, suicides, and deaths of US soldiers continue to
rise as they grapple with the trauma and risk. The country of Iraq is
imploding from the violence that has been planted here. A friend of Sheila'
s reports there were more than 100,000 hits on the Canadian immigration web
page the day after the US election.

The mosquitoes have been bothersome in our apartment, but a net over my bed
does the job! Some autumn rains are falling, a welcome diversion from other
falling objects.

Though readers probably don't get the reports in North American media,
dozens of explosions daily rock the nearby parts of Baghdad as the attack on
Fallujah proceeds. Yesterday, a few blocks down Karrada, an explosion
targeted the minister of finance. A guard was killed. Today about the time
Matthew arrived at the airport, an explosion killed two people near the
entrance. Tonight bombs hit two churches in Doura, just south across the

Today two of us went late in the morning for blood tests as initial steps
for an extended visa. The technician told us that nine foreigners had been
there earlier in the day. We are not the only foreigners in Baghdad!

Remember, if you have problems with beetles on your roses or terrorists in
your yard, there are ready answers. Just be careful with the union
organizers and the soldiers.

Peace to each of you,

Cliff kindy


Blogger Rob Smith said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Don't perpetuate the BIG LIE!

In the article Gehanna Is Burnig, Cliff Kindy makes the statement, "It was all to
remove one man, Saddam Hussein, from power." That is NOT what George W. Bush
said when he sent Colin Powell to the United Nations, that is not what
George W. Bush stated in his State of the Union address in the months before
we went to war, that is not what George W. Bush told the Congress in order
to get the legislation that he needed to prosecute his war, and, THAT IS NOT

George W. Bush told the U.N., the Congress, the nation, that he was using
the powers granted to him in a unilateral attack of Iraq because they had
massive quantities of chemical and biological Weapons of Mass Destruction,
they had the capability to deliver these weapons to our doorstep, and they
were actively engaged in the process of creating nuclear weapons that could
be used in our cities.


When someone, even inadvertently, gives any other reason than the truth, for
our attack of Iraq, it gives further life to the BIG LIE, and it excuses the
criminal acts of the Bush administration.

If you want to change the world for the better, the first thing that you
MUST do is to stop spreading the BIG LIE.

According to George W. Bush, we went to war in order to protect America from
Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. These weapons were not there, and it has
been determined that the administration knew they were not there at the time
they made their false claims. That a partisan controlled Congress will not
lift a finger to prosecute these lies does not make them any less real!
Future generations will only know the truth if we keep the truth alive.


Rob Smith
Cary, IL

9:28 PM  

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